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Accurately grasp the development trend of pump technology to lead the industry trend
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The so-called intrinsic characteristics of the pump means, including product performance, quality parts, the whole assembly quality, appearance quality of products, including the inherent characteristics or the quality is known. At this point, the numbers of pump manufacturers are concerned about efforts to further increase the areas for improvement. In fact, we can see, there are many products in the factory testing compliant to use the unit running, often fail to detect the effect of factory in occurred, such as overload, noise increases, the use of reduced life, etc. who fail or and other issues; and pump in practice, in which the operating point or run features, which we call the external characteristics of the pump or system characteristics.

During the conduct of product design, the technical staff often spends a lot of thoughts onto 1% of each efficiency in every product;
While pump is running, if deviated from the design of efficient point, the actual operation to reduce the efficiency of far more than 1%. Now, pump manufacturers at the same time, including user support, frequency control equipment and complete sets of equipment, in fact, involved in the pursuit of the pump on the external characteristics. On this basis, the renewed concerns over the pumps centralized control system to improve overall operating efficiency of pumps and pumping stations, it is the external characteristics of the pump on the pursuit of a higher level.

From the sales point of view, to promote pump products, that is the inherent characteristics of the pump in marketing; and attention to the external characteristics of the pump is not only the manufacturers to promote their products, but also in marketing the pumping stations (complete sets of projects). From the use of point of view, a good product runtime environment must be suitable for the product rather than the factory test discriminate products. The further development of mechanical and electrical integration.

Just as the same as scientific and technological development. Interdisciplinary field of science and technology at this stage, edge disciplines are increasingly rich, interdisciplinary joint research is a very common thing, as the pump is also true of technology development. In order to shield pump, for example, abolished the pump seal problem, we must start from the motor structure is confined to the pump itself, there is no way to be achieved to address the pump noise problems, in addition to solve the pump flow pattern and vibration, the same time need to be resolved Electric fan noise and electromagnetic noise; to improve the reliability of submersible pumps, submersible motors have been added in, such as leakage protection, overload protection measures; improve the operational efficiency of the pump shall be by means of controlling the use of technology and so on. These are all details to develop the level of pump technology; we must complete motor and control technology at the same time to start with a comprehensive consideration to maximize electromechanical integration, comprehensive level.

The use of New material and technology

Over the past 10 years, new materials and new technology is to promote the use of pump technology development, a major factor. Pump material from cast iron to a special metal alloy, from the rubber products, ceramics and other typical non-metallic materials to engineering plastics, in the settlement of the pump corrosion resistance, abrasion, temperature and other environment has played a prominent role. At the same time the use of new technology, but also better enable new material applied to the pump components and the whole pump them. If some foreign manufacturers have designed and launched the all-plastic pump made of. Than using an ordinary metal material produced no less pump intensity, in the wear on the superior corrosion resistance. Another example is the use of new surface coating technology and surface treatment technology, the same corrosion resistance and anti-wear pumps solve the problem. The further development of new materials and new processes for the use of in-depth, in the pump in the field of application will be more extensive.

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